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About Us

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About Us
    Nantong Hailun Bio-medical Apparatuses Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 1995 , and expanded with Canadian
investment at 2005 .We are professional manufacturer and exporter in the area of biomedical laboratory disposables &
Pathological diagnosis consumables . Hailun is located only about 100km away from Shanghai center .
    Our products include medical consumables , clinical pathological consumables ,microbiological laboratory disposables
and other consumables . We have more than 500 kinds of products which have complete production line :
products design , molds making , production produced and packing . We are the leading manufacturer and exporter in
China , as you can see our products has already spread all over European ,North America and other countries .
    The key to Hailun's rapid development is to keep the best quality of the products and best service . This makes us to get
the ISO9001:2008 , ISO13485 , CE and FDA smoothly . Hailun's team will continually devote to providing best service and
commitment to all customers . We are willing to devote our efforts to the development of the life science .
Copy right:Nantong Hailun Bio-medical Apparatuses Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Add:Bijing Road, Sanhe Industry Center, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel:86(0513)82336688 Fax:86(0513)82336689 E-mail:hailunbiomedical@gmail.com
Technical support:www.ehuzo.com 備案號:蘇ICP備10000890號
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